Bakeries and
convenience stores

Argus Global Security developed the Clean-Command, a turnstile access gate system: a solution that controls individual access minimizing errors and offering reports for business managing. And, mainly, it allows efficiency and hygiene, since tags are disposable and ecologically friendly, since they can be recycled.

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Commercial condominiums, companies, industries
and logistics yards

Argus Global Security equipment is the result of an extreme concern with quality; from the full structure to each one of its components.

Access for pedestrians: modern models that value the enterprise and adjust to all needs of pedestrians access control with much safety and reliability.

Vehicle Access: products that unite beauty and quality in vehicles access control for main gates or service entries, efficiently supporting the great climatic variations of external environments.

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Residential condominiums

Choose the best in access control devices for pedestrians and vehicles and place technology, robustness and quality at your safety's service.

• International quality standard in componentes.

• High robustness and durability.

• High reliability and low maintenance cost.

• Modular System (biometric reader, bar code reader, proximity, password and/or customized cards).

• Developed for high class environments.

• Individual and safe Access.

• Steel carbon and/or stainless steel structure.

• Rain resistant Equipment.

• Native Integration with Freedom Security.

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Argus Global Security

For more than 40 years, Proansi Tecnologia develops and implements safety Softwares and devices with expertise for residential and commercial condominiums, companies, industries, logistics yards, bakeries, restaurants and convenience stores.

Based in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Proansi Technology has clients all over the country (Braszil).

With a view to completely dedicate to your safety, Proansi Tecnologia created Argus, a business branch specialized in the manufacture and assembly of access control devices. The equipment presents modern design, it is robust and durable. Associated to Proansi Tecnologia Softwares, Argus equipment offers more speed in access and greater intelligence in data processing.

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